Birkman at Work: When We Don't See Eye to Eye

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Not seeing eye to eye with others can sometimes lead to unhealthy conflict; and our invisible perceptions are often at the root of this visible tension, frustration, and conflict in the workplace. If you want to use Birkman as a tool to get to the root of these misalignments, this Birkman At Work package will help you do just that.

Designed for Facilitators, this package introduces the topic of conflict, then shows you how to facilitate a 30 minute to 1 hour session using Birkman Colors as a tool to better understand and address conflict in day to day work relationships. 


This package explores the following using The Birkman Colors (Birkman Map report):

  • Ways to assess levels of Trust and Psychological Safety as foundational elements for healthy conflict. (25-minute video)
  • An introduction to why perception is often the root of conflict. (5-minute video)
  • How to create dialogue in conflict using the Birkman Map when individuals don't see eye to eye. (40-minute video)

This package includes downloads of the slides as well as worksheets to use in a one-on-one or group setting.  


Please note: To deliver this workshop, you will need to create a Birkman account in order to purchase the Birkman reports referenced in this package. This package uses the Birkman Map report which does not require Signature Certification. If you do not have a Birkman account yet, please contact

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The Groundwork
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An Introduction to Perception
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Conflict and The Birkman Map
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