BLEvent: On Coaching with The Birkman Method

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Bob De Flippis



Fifteen years ago, a powerful, neuro-cognitive guide to coaching captured Dr. Roger Birkman's attention, and he wrote, “His [Robert De Filippis] application of The Method using neuro-cognitive science constructs is informative and forward thinking.” Now, author Robert De Filippis offers new, deeper insight into coaching with his latest publication, On Coaching with the Birkman Method.

In this Birkman Learning Event, we will have a 'fireside chat' discussion with the original author about his latest literary feat. In it, he simplifies gripping topics such as the emergence and evolution of personality, the power of the authentic self, and how the Birkman Method sheds invaluable insight into effectively coaching yourself and others. 

You may also purchase this BLEvent and watch the recording anytime!

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Great insights into using coaching methods with a Birkman feedback. Based on this presentation, I will be obtaining the book to strengthen my own feedback sessions. I would love to see initial seed forms of these concepts included in Signature Certification for the benefit of new consultants.

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