BLEvent: The Perception Prison and How to Break Out

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Amy Shepley



Facilitated by Amy Shepley, Vice President of Products & Innovation

Did you miss the Birkman session at SXSW 2019? We’re thrilled to offer an exclusive second chance to experience Amy Shepley’s wildly successful and insightful presentation from South by Southwest earlier this month, The Perception Prison and How to Break Out.

In this free Birkman Learning Event, occurring April 10 from 1 – 2 pm CST, we will explore two powerful paradigms: perception and personality. Tune in for the opportunity to:

  • Bust the myth that our personalities change over time
  • Understand how our surroundings are the driving force of how we are perceived
  • Explore how the interaction between our personalities and dynamic surroundings can make it challenging to predict success in the workplace

Don’t miss the last chance to join Birkman VP of Product and Innovation for a thought-provoking discussion on perception and social experience.

You may also purchase this BLEvent and watch the recording anytime!
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Perception Prison and How to Break Out (Recording)
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Added 6 days ago, by Anonymous
Interesting information and very important for consultants to understand that a "strength" adapts based on the team/situation
Added 11 days ago, by Melanie
Added 20 days ago, by Ron
Added 22 days ago, by Bill
Added about 1 month ago, by Elizabeth
Added about 2 months ago, by Sarah
Added about 2 months ago, by Kathy
Added about 2 months ago, by Ian
loved it, great webinar!
Added 2 months ago, by Kimberly
Added 5 months ago, by Rebecca
Amy was scintillating as usual!

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