BLEvent: Component Deep Dive Series - Social Energy

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Dan Perryman



Facilitated by Dan Perryman

The extent of your independent versus social nature impacts the way you interact with others and how you are perceived inside the workplace. Join us for our next Birkman Learning Event, Component Deep Dive: Social Energy, to explore the common implications of this Component within a business context.

Join us live for this online event on June 18 from 1 - 2 p.m. Central Time or download to stream anytime! In this Birkman Learning Event, we will discover:

  • Commonly seen Social Energy patterns and how to interpret the behaviors of each score
  • Common stress behaviors that may be shown through this Component
  • Tasks and interactions that are impacted by the Social Energy Component
  • Impact of the Social Energy reverse scoring pattern

Don't miss our fourth component deep dive to gain a more thorough understanding of how all of the components work together to form our full reality.

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Great refresher with addition of the discussion on the Birkman Molecule. Valuable conversation points!
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