BLEvent: Component Deep Dive Series - Emotional Energy

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1 hour

Birkman International



Emotional Energy measures your openness and comfort with expressing emotion. Where you lie on the scale between logical versus expressive has an enormous impact on your working relationships, affecting factors such as self-control, competitiveness, and expression of ideas and creativity.

In this Birkman Learning Event, you will discover:

  • The most commonly seen Emotional Energy patterns and how to understand the behaviors of each score
  • Examples of how high Emotional Energy person and a low Emotional Energy person typically interact
  • The common stress behaviors impacted by this Component¬†
  • The tasks and interactions that are impacted by the Emotional Energy Component
  • Impact of the Emotional Energy reverse scoring pattern

Learning Credits

Emotional Energy Recording
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Emotional Energy - Post-Event Deliverables
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Another great review with additional insights into combinations of components. For those of us that are listening in after the fact, it would be good to cut the first silent 5 minutes out.
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