BLEvent: Component Deep Dive Series - Physical Energy

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Dan Perryman



Facilitated by Dan Perryman

Do you prefer a fast-paced environment and busy schedule, or do you find yourself more likely to take a paced approach, preferring more time to be deliberate and efficient with your energy before jumping into action? The Birkman Component, Physical Energy addresses preferred pace for action and aspects of style in taking action.

Watch the recording of this Birkman Learning Event, Component Deep Dive: Physical Energy! On this webinar, Dan Perryman, VP - Training & Development, explores:

- How this component impacts group tasks and projects

- Stress behaviors associated with Physical Energy

- Issues impacted by Physical Energy

- How both the typical and reverse scoring patterns may present themselves

You can stream this BLE anytime after the air date! We know you will find value in this Birkman Learning Event, so grow your Birkman knowledge as we unpack Physical Energy, adding to your Birkman Component expertise.

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Physical Energy Recording
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