BLEvent: Component Deep Dive Series – Thought

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1 hour

Dan Perryman



Facilitated by Dan Perryman

The Birkman Component, Thought, drives the amount of information or viewpoints needed to remove doubt or concern for consequences. It describes your decision-making process and concern for consequences in making the right decision.

Watch the recording of this Birkman Learning Event, Component Deep Dive: Thought! In this webinar, you will explore:

  • How this Component impacts decision-making and comfort with taking risks.
  • Needs and Stress Behaviors associated with Thought.
  • Issues impacted by Thought in the workplace.

You can stream this BLE anytime after the air date! We know you will find value in this Birkman Learning Event, so grow your Birkman knowledge as we unpack Thought, adding to your Birkman Component expertise.


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