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So, you’re thinking about using The Birkman Method. You’re in the right place. Today, we are going to talk about five things: What is Birkman and what is it good for? I want to be very clear about what Birkman is used for so you can determine if the tool is right for you. Second, we’ll look at the Knowledge you gain from Birkman, next, the Awareness Birkman creates, then the Compassion you can offer others with Birkman, and lastly, the money you can make with Birkman.

Those last two—Compassion and Capitalism—are mirror opposites, but both can be achieved with a Birkman certification. Helping others and building a business. Let’s face it, unless you are bankrolled by the lottery or another source of income, you will need Birkman to fit into your business plan. If you can HELP people, and take care of your financial needs, isn’t that the dream?

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