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Not seeing eye to eye with others can sometimes lead to unhealthy conflict; and our invisible perceptions are often at the root of this visible tension, frustration, and conflict in the workplace. If you want to use Birkman as a tool to get to the root of these misalignments, this Birkman At Work package will help you do just that. Designed for Facilitators, this package introduces the topic of conflict, then shows you how to facilitate a 30 minute to 1 hour session using Birkman Colors as a tool to better understand and address conflict in day to day work relationships.    This package explores the following using The Birkman Colors (Birkman Map report): Ways to assess levels of Trust and Psychological Safety as foundational elements for healthy conflict. (25-minute video) An introduction to why perception is often the root of conflict. (5-minute video) How to create dialogue in conflict using the Birkman Map when individuals don't see eye to eye. (40-minute video) This package includes downloads of the slides as well as worksheets to use in a one-on-one or group setting.     Please note: To deliver this workshop, you will need to create a Birkman account in order to purchase the Birkman reports referenced in this package. This package uses the Birkman Map report which does not require Signature Certification. If you do not have a Birkman account yet, please contact Read More

This Birkman Learning Event reveals how Birkman reports can tell their own story when the Birkman professional takes an artistic rather than a scientific approach. The purpose of this Birkman Learning Event is two-fold: First, we introduce a creative approach to the interpretation of Birkman Method reports. Second, we introduce a comprehensive method of Birkman analysis designed for those few especially difficult Birkman reports to interpret. It will certainly depend on how much time and how many years you have given Birkman interpretation as to the “value added” nature of this discussion. We hope it helps those who may benefit the most and reinforces the basics for those who have many years of consulting experience. In one sense, you interpret tricky Birkmans in the same way you would interpret any Birkman report– but with much more preparation, situation analysis, in-depth confirming dialogue, and by applying a creative, open-ended, and flexible interpretation method. Simply stated, you do what you usually do, but you do it better. Our suggestion is that you use this approach and modify it to fit your style and your clients. Consider this approach for its heuristic value rather than a verbatim feedback script. Get ready to have some fun! Read More

This is a free, self-paced course focused on the Image Management report. Image Management is one of the six Perspectives scales that drives the why behind our behaviors. It influences our mindset towards leading, risk-taking, goal-setting, and really any situation that involves our public image.  The Image Management report can be accessed by Birkman Certified Professionals with Professional and Premier packages. The report is available beginning February 1, 2022. We highly recommend that you complete this course as well as review the resources available prior to using the Image Management report with your clients and/or employees. This purpose of this course is to explore the report as well as discuss different Image Management scores.  Read More

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