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BLEvent: Building Emotional Intelligence to Better Navigate Success and Failure - $95 BLEvent: The Reinforcing and Mitigating Effects Between Birkman Components - $95 BLEvent: Hiring with Signature - $95 BLEvent: The Art of Birkman Interpretation - $95 BLEvent: The Unexpected You - $95 BLEvent: Using Birkman to Get to Yes! - $65 = $540 You save $100 with this bundle! Read More

Looking to spice up your virtual Birkman sessions? Please join us for a webinar on interactive training activities you can use to enhance your remote client work in this time of social distancing. Led by online learning expert, Ryan Richards, the session will demonstrate the effective use of custom Birkman report sets, screen annotation, breakout rooms, and chat to bring Birkman to life for participants. Ryan is the L&D Program Manager for Zapier, a fully remote company that provides easy automation for busy people. If you want to be an active participant, have these two reports with you: Your Insights Report (How you prefer others work with you) Your Birkman Signature Report or Signature Summary  After attending the webinar, we will send you five different Birkman facilitator guides and a white paper describing ways Birkman has modified the Signature Certification program for virtual delivery. Read More

Struggling to really grab your attendees’ attention at the beginning of a class? Expending too much effort to generate team building with mediocre engagement? Trying to gain high-quality conversation from your clients without making them feel interrogated?  Cue the Birkman Buzz Cards-- beautiful to look at, fun to read through, and feels good to shuffle. But what next?  Did you know that Birkman Buzz Cards can provide professionalism and increase profits for your independent practice? Or for our corporate friends, the cards can provide quantifiable results with these concrete, team-building and conflict-resolution activities.  In this free, inaugural Birkman Learning Event, Amy Shepley, Birkman expert, will unveil 5 new ways to maximize the value of the Birkman Buzz Cards.  By the end of this BLEvent, you will have a Buzz Cards reference sheet, possibly have won your own set of Buzz Cards, and whether you're part of a corporate or independent environment, you will be 5 ways closer to being successful with Birkman. You may also purchase this BLEvent and watch the recording anytime! Read More

Remember all the hype around how EQ (emotional quotient) was more valuable than IQ (intelligence quotient)? We've got a new one for you, that could trump them all: XQ - Personality Intelligence. Tom Massey; leadership strategist, professor, author, and executive coach from Chesapeake Energy, comes to you fired up about the various 'quotients' that can predict and create success. In this Birkman Learning Event, Tom will provide a scientific perspective on personality, as well as offering practical applications. You'll leave understanding yourself, others, and how to manage and motivate yourself as well as your relationships. You may purchase this BLEvent recording and watch it anytime! Read More

Uncover the layers of complexity around Assertiveness in the workplace through this Birkman Learning Event. Get more out of your Birkman conversations using this crucial Component for personality insight. Through this video, you will discover: Real-world examples of Assertiveness A deeper understanding of how a person’s Assertiveness scoring impacts how other Components are expressed Read More

Emotional Energy measures your openness and comfort with expressing emotion. Where you lie on the scale between logical versus expressive has an enormous impact on your working relationships, affecting factors such as self-control, competitiveness, and expression of ideas and creativity. In this Birkman Learning Event, you will discover: The most commonly seen Emotional Energy patterns and how to understand the behaviors of each score Examples of how high Emotional Energy person and a low Emotional Energy person typically interact The common stress behaviors impacted by this Component  The tasks and interactions that are impacted by the Emotional Energy Component Impact of the Emotional Energy reverse scoring pattern Read More

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