190604-B | Birkman Signature Certification | June 4-6, 2019 | Houston, TX

16 modules



Course Length
32 hours

Susan Bean



The Birkman Signature Certification provides you with the skills necessary to utilize Birkman in coaching and guiding individuals and organizations to their full performance potential. The curriculum includes eight hours of interactive eLearning pre-work, a three-day workshop, and a final exam. The workshop includes interactive group activities, table discussions, case study analyses, and discussion of real-life examples of each scale in the Birkman Signature Report. The Signature Report is the focal point for workshop discussions and will be used to interpret and evaluate in-class scenarios and cases.

Prior to coming to the live workshop, you will need to complete the following:

  • 1:1 conversation – If you have not previously had an individualized conversation about your Signature Report, a Birkman consultant will contact you to arrange a time to review your report with you.
  • Birkman Signature Certification Pre-work – You will need to complete eight eLearning modules prior to attending the workshop. Those failing to complete the Pre-work will be rescheduled to a future workshop.

After the workshop is complete, you will need to complete the following steps to complete your certification:

  • Comprehensive Assessment– You must achieve a minimum passing score of 70% on this online exam covering the content of the prework and the workshop. You may use all certification resources while taking the assessment.  You will have the opportunity to re-take the exam again if you do not meet this minimum requirement.
  • Two conversations - You must conduct a conversation (debrief/feedback) with two people of your choice within 14 days of completing the workshop and provide online analysis of these conversations.

Registration includes:

  • Birkman Signature Certification Manual (printed)
  • Two pre-paid Birkman Questionnaire authorizations
  • Birkman Companion Guide and Conversation Cards
  • Free Account Activation in BirkmanDirect®
  • Free webinar covering usage of your BirkmanDirect® account
  • Access to the Birkman Learning System
  • Educational and Marketing Resources
  • First-year support with weekly informational emails and access to eLearning resources


If you need to reschedule to a different workshop date because of a conflict, please contact us by email at least 30 days prior to the start of the course.  You may only reschedule your attendance once.

Cancellation Policy:

There are no refunds provided once you have been registered for a workshop.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Birkman Certified Professional

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Welcome Video from Your Birkman Family!
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Brief Survey
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Signature 3.0 Self-Study Guide
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PREWORK - Birkman Method Overview
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PREWORK - The Birkman Map - Part 1
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PREWORK - The Birkman Map - Part 2
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PREWORK - Birkman Interests Overview
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PREWORK - Intro to the Components
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PREWORK - The Birkman Components - Part 1
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PREWORK - The Birkman Components - Part 2
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PREWORK - The Birkman Components - Part 3
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Signature Certification Live Workshop
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Conversation Tips from the Experts
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Final Exam
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Conversation #1
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Conversation #2
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Added 9 days ago, by Rachel
Added 11 days ago, by Sarah
Added 16 days ago, by Connie
I have done a lot of certifications as an adult in the digital space. And I will say by far this is one of the most comprehensive and informative certifications I've done. Thank you for the opportunity!
Added 19 days ago, by Bryan
Susan was a great trainer! Parts of the material felt a little dated but it was encouraging so see how Birkman is already making updates and is committed to staying relevant in this fast paced and ever changing environment
Added 21 days ago, by Diana
Added 27 days ago, by Lori
Added 27 days ago, by Daiane
Added 27 days ago, by Heather
Added 30 days ago, by Anonymous
Great course! Definitely helped me in understanding myself and helping others understand more about themselves.
Added about 1 month ago, by Michael

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