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The Birkman Mindset eLearning is designed for those who are interested in using the Birkman Mindset Report as a tool for robust and in-depth coaching relationships.  The Birkman Mindset Report leverages new Birkman psychometric scales to help individuals understand the macro-level mindset that drives their careers and lives. This eLearning course covers the basic knowledge required to use the Birkman Mindset Report. 

For more in-depth application knowledge of this complex tool, enroll in our two-day Birkman Mindset Certification Workshop, which includes this eLearning for free.

After completing this eLearning, you will:

  • Understand the terms Others-Affirming, Self-Affirming, Distinctiveness, Alignment, Image Management, and Social Acuity and interpret them accurately
  • Understand the difference between the high and low scores of each Birkman Mindset perspective scale
  • Recognize the concept of Social Desirability as it relates to Birkman Mindset
  • Have beginner knowledge of how to conduct a Birkman Mindset conversation

Fees and Processes
The eLearning course fee includes your own Birkman Mindset results in PDF format ($120 value) and free activation of your Birkman Mindset account ($100 value). The Birkman Mindset account is separate from your other accounts.

Once your account is activated, you will be able to add respondents to your account in two ways:

  1. Issue them a Birkman questionnaire directly from your Birkman Mindset account
  2. "Release" their questionnaire results into your Birkman Mindset account from any of your other accounts. Any respondent released into a Mindset account will incur a report charge of $120 USD. Please note that some early Birkman ID’s do not have the information needed to generate a Mindset report, and a new questionnaire may need to be issued.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Post-Certification Courses

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